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Neural control of breathing
Silvia Pagliardini
Assistant professor
Dr. Silvia Pagliardini is currently looking for graduate students at MSc and PhD level interested in working on the following projects concerning neural control of breathing: 1) role of central pattern generators in respiratory control and sleep disordered breathing; 2) state dependent modulation of respiratory muscle activity. Research will use a combination of anatomical, electrophysiological, chemogenetic and optogenetic techniques.
Candidate should have a strong background in neurophysiology and neuroscience, be highly motivated and with good interpersonal and communication skills.
Applications should include a motivation letter, a curriculum vitae, a copy of undergraduate transcripts, two contact references and a short summary of past research experience. For international students, proof of English proficiency is required at the time of application.
respiratory control
sleep disordered breathing
Silvia Pagliardini

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