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Defining DNA damage in the pathogenesis of fibrotic diseases
Mohammed Osman
Assistant Professor
The laboratory of Dr. Osman in the Department of Medicine is seeking a highly motivated graduate student in the field of skin and tissue fibrosis. Dr. Osman's laboratory is aimed at better understanding the effects of aberrant DNA damage responses and mutations on immune cells and tissue fibrosis using both patient-derived primary cells and an artificial human organoid models generated in his laboratory. Techniques used in our laboratory include primary cell culture, immunoblot (IB), qPCR, flow cytometry, cell transfection and transduction. We also regularly utilize confocal/immunofluorescence microscopy and RNA sequencing technologies.

The ideal candidate will have a previous Master's degree and previous experience in culturing human cells, and standard molecular biology techniques (IB, qPCR, cloning and sub cloning of genes of interest into various vectors). Interested students should send their CVs, transcripts, and referees directly to Dr. Osman.
systemic sclerosis
DNA damage
immune cells
Dr. Osman can be reached via email:

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