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Cell BiologyM.Sc.The role of Cajal-Retzius cells in brain development and functionNeurobiologyBrain developmentCajal-Retzius cellsQiumin Tan2022-01-03
Medical Microbiology & ImmunologyPhDMetabolic regulation of allergic IgE responsesAllergyB cellsimmunometabolismSue Tsai2022-01-03
Medical Microbiology & ImmunologyM.Sc.Investigating the virulence of Crohn's-associated bacteriaCrohn'sMicrobiomeGut inflammationWael Elhenawy2021-09-01
MedicinePhDAutoimmune Hepatitis in Canada Autoimmune hepatitis Chronic liver disease Liver transplantationAldo J. Montano-Loza2021-07-01
PhysiologyM.Sc.Physiological and pathophysiological roles of renal intercalated cellskidneyepitheliummembrane proteinEmmanuelle Cordat2021-09-01
PhysiologyPhDInvestigating the effects of cannabinoids on sleep and breathing cannabissleepbreathingSilvia Pagliardini2022-01-01
PsychiatryM.Sc.Brain GABA and glutamate levels in perimenopausal depressionDepressionGlutamateGABALe Melledo2021-09-01
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