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Welcome to the database for available graduate student positions in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta. Please use this database to find a potential supervisor and/or project that interests you. Contact information is found within each entry.

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Project Title
Keyword 1
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Start Date
DentistryPhDT cell exhaustion in chronic conditions such as HIV and cancer HIVCancer Immunotherapy Shokrollah Elahi2017-01-01
DentistryPhDMetabolic changes in T cell exhaustion Melanoma T cells exhaustion metabolism Shokrollah Elahi2017-03-01
MedicinePhDGenomics and Genetics of StrokeGene expressionmicroRNAStrokeGlen Jickling2017-02-01
PediatricsM.Sc.Profiling of the gut microbiome in children with Prader-Willi SyndromePrader-Willi SyndromeGut microbiomeChildhood obesityDr. Andrea Haqq2017-09-01
PhysiologyM.Sc.Role of vitamin A in health and diseaseVitamin A/Retinoic acidLiverDiaphragmRobin Clugston2017-01-01
PhysiologyPhDNeural control of breathingrespiratory controlneurosciencesleep disordered breathingSilvia Pagliardini2017-01-01
PhysiologyPhDUsing Apelin Analogues as Novel Therapies for Cardiovascular DiseaseHeart DiseaseVascular DiseaseApelin AnaloguesGavin Y. Oudit2016-07-04
PsychiatryM.Sc.Biological Psychiatry and Neuropharmacologypsychopharmacology animal modelsneurodegenerative disordersXin-Min Li2016-12-01
PsychiatryPhDBiological Psychiatry and Neuropharmacologypsychopharmacologyanimal modelsneurodegenerative diseasesXin-Min Li2016-12-01
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